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Emissions Methodology


The main Registry Emissions Model (38 MB) calculates emissions across all three Greenhouse Gas scopes and all three fossil fuels. It integrates the country and project level production and reserves data published at launch, and enables users to build their own portfolio of assets, combining data already in the Registry with their own. The model was built in Microsoft Excel according to the FAST modelling standard and exports to PowerBI. This uses emissions factors generated by two auxiliary models: the Oil and Gas Supply Chain Carbon Intensity Model, and the Stochastic Model of the GEM Coal Mine Tracker.

The Oil and Gas Supply Chain Carbon Intensity Model (13 MB) takes a dataset of 2,200 oil projects and 1,140 gas projects published by the International Energy Agency in 2021, and orders them in terms of carbon intensity to supply the principle model with a baseline carbon intensity curve across oil and gas production.

The Stochastic GEM Coal Mine Tracker Model (28 MB) applies Monte Carlo stochastic modelling to data on over 2,300 coal mines collected by Global Energy Monitor, which covers 90% of coal production at mine level. The model uses IPCC emissions factors to generate country-level combustion intensities. More details are supplied in the methodology. (Size: 29 MB)

Other Documents

The Presentation of the Methodology (3 MB) provides a taxonomy of emissions under the IPCC tiered system of emissions reporting, the results of reconciliation between the Registry's emissions factors, main features of the Registry's approach, and current and potential use cases.

The Registry Launch Paper (2 MB) discusses many aspects of Registry approaches to data evaluation and modelling such as the role of data in the energy transition, the need to reflect current uncertainties in both data and emissions factors and broker an open trusted information basis to manage decline of the fossil fuel industries.

Global Registry of Fossil Fuels

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