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Status of Registry Data

As of September 2022 the Registry has processed production history and reserves data for over 50,000 oil, gas and coal assets from 89 countries, and nationally aggregated data from 139 countries, creating 600,000 records from about five billion raw data points.

Country Level Data

Three global sources have been used to compile production and reserves data for oil and gas producing countries: the BP Global Statistical Analysis (BP), data held by the Energy Information Administration, an agency in the United States Federal Statistical System (EIA), and the database of the Oil Producing and Exporting Countries (OPEC). Where national regulator datasets are available, they are used in addition.

The time series for the global sources are as follows.

BP oil (1965-2020), gas (1970-2020), coal (1981-2020) (10,223 data points)

EIA oil (1965-2020), gas (1970-2020), coal (1981-2020) (18,992 data points)

OPEC oil (1960-2019), gas (1960-2019) (11,226 data points)

Processed Sources


Unprocessed Sources


Global Registry of Fossil Fuels

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