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Analysis based on GRFF data

GRFF is encouraging research which takes advantage of the fossil fuel production and emissions estimates to help advance aspects of the Energy Transition.

  • Tax dollars per ton of carbondioxide In a collaboration with the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative), research into public revenues in 20 countries showed that in 2018 governments received anything from $5 per ton of carbon emissions (UK), to $60-70 per ton (Mexico and Nigeria), up to over $90 in public revenues per ton (Iraq).
  • How big is the impact of different methane factors?: Internal GRFF research shows that factoring methane under the higher GWP20 ratio, compared to the longer-term GWP100 ratio, would increase fossil fuel industry emissions by 6%, from 42.0 Gt CO₂E to 44.5 Gt.
About the Global Registry of Fossil Fuels

GRFF was conceived by the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty, an umbrella group of NGOS convened by Stand.Earth, based in California. This database has been developed by the Carbon Tracker Initiative , in collaboration with Global Energy Monitor. See our FAQ.

GRFF Data Curation and Emissions Methodology

GRFF is the only public domain database of fossil fuel emissions at source. Production and reserves figures from 139 countries give universal coverage at country level and are also broken down into 14,188 projects covering about 70 percent of production at project level. Source files and data documentation are public, as is the emissions estimation methodology.